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Your Body Got the Blues?

A rigorous season of performances or a grueling touring schedule can trigger burnout no matter how prepared the dancer. “It was a shock to my body,” remembers New York City Ballet soloist Dana Hanson, who was barely 19 when she first joined the company and leapt into a winter season that stretched 14 weeks. She […]

Dance Medicine: Issues in Training and Treatment

Bruised toenails, sprained ankles, mental blocks—you name it, dancing is tough. In fact, techniques such as ballet, can take a bigger toll on your mind and body than professional football. Fortunately, it/’s more possible than ever to avoid injuries and reach your potential if you/’re up-to-date on the latest scientific news from around the world. […]

Time Out

Never mind the “It’s-opening-night-and-I-forgot-to-rehearse” nightmare. What haunts dancers most is the specter of having to leave their art behind. There comes a day when all dancers must relinquish, in some form, the thing they love most, because they can no longer meet the rigors of the professional world or they have to reconcile themselves to […]

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