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Glaring White Lights: Pite and McGregor

If you are in New York City, don’t miss Thomas Adès: Concentric Paths—Movements in Music, the last production of Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival. The four choreographers involved are top-flight: Karole Armitage, Wayne McGregor, Crystal Pite and Alexander Whitley. Crystal Pite’s Polaris. Photos by Andrew Lang. The most earth-shaking piece in this bunch is bound to […]

a female dancer against a dark backdrop reaching her arms and a leg towards the left

Meet Gibney Company’s Miriam Gittens

As a recent guest with chuthis., Miriam Gittens was a study in grace and understated power. She carved out space with exquisite precision and unwavering control as she moved through precariously unstable positions in Peter Chu’s Tracing Rhythms.

A dancer whose arms are encased in an almost skeletal suggestion of enormous wings is seated, their torso nearly touching the ground as they lean forward, wings curving upward and back against the black stage behind them.

7 Must-See Performance Picks Hitting Stages This Month

A long-awaited world premiere, a festival filled with experiments, two New York City mainstays and a trio of new works tackling environmental issues head-on—there are a lot of performances to be excited about this month, and our top picks are just the tip of the iceberg.

woman holding her head and neck in pain

Common Head and Neck Injuries Dancers Need to Take Seriously

While head and neck injuries are often associated with contact sports like football or ice hockey, they can also be a real problem for dancers. Falling out of a lift and hitting your head, getting kicked or elbowed in a crowded rehearsal, or bumping your head on a prop or scenery could lead to a concussion or serious neck injury.