7 Essential Self-Care Steps for Your Body & Mind Right Now

August 18, 2020

Even though we’re not dancing as much as usual right now, our bodies are going through a lot these days. Without our typical routines, we’re stuck at home, mainly stationary—until we hop onto Zoom classes, trying to do as much as we can in limited spaces, sometimes on carpet or concrete.

Take the time to nurture your body—and mind—so you can stay strong and injury-free.

Find the Right Floor

Dancing in our kitchens during the pandemic has made us all more aware of how crucial sprung floors and safe vinyl surfaces are. If you’ve been inspired to build your own practice area at home, seek out a trusted brand like Harlequin or Stagestep.

Wear Supportive Footwear

Especially when you’re dancing on less-than-ideal surfaces, you need to protect your feet. Apolla Shocks provide targeted compression while you’re dancing. The Joule style, which is able to slip discreetly inside your dance shoes or onto bare feet, gives you just the right amount of arch and ankle support while still letting your feet feel the floor. $30.

Use Ice and Compression

Icing and compression can help your body combat inflammation. You can even combine both routines at the same time with one of Squid Go‘s six different wraps that allow you to zero in on any body part that needs some extra love. The individual systems start at $300.

Rub in a Homeopathic Balm

Gently massaging plant-based Arnicare Gel into achy muscles can help to soothe your after-dance stiffness. $7.99–$15.99.

Reconsider Your Painkillers

Without clear, consistent CBD regulations, it’s hard to know which brands actually deliver on what they promise. Take a cue from trusted dance-medicine experts, like New York City’s renowned Westside Dance Physical Therapy, which distributes MiralonCBD. The sports-physician–designed formula combines CBD with South African extract Sebrium DCD to increase the pain-relieving effects. 30 softgels for $74.95.

Get Better Sleep

Studies show sleep may be your body’s most powerful recovery tool. To help you get in eight (or nine or 10) hours regularly, the Slumber app offers new meditations and bedtime stories each week, and allows you to preset background noise to play all night after the track ends. $40 per year for full access.

Book a DIY Spa Day

Relaxation is crucial to our mental health. MPG Essentials, a CBD collection developed by PT to the dance stars Michelle Rodriguez and her husband, includes bath bombs and a hemp oil–infused face mask for some rejuvenating R&R. Face masks are $16 and bath bombs $13.