Super Berry

July 23, 2007

Everybody’s been talking about some new “superfood” lately called açai berry. It’s been popping up in smoothies, yogurt, and juices in health food and gourmet stores everywhere. Even Superwoman herself—Oprah—calls it magic. What’s all this fuss about? With a ridiculous amount of iron, fiber, and vitamins, the Brazilian berry boasts more than twice the antioxidant power of any other fruit. One of these berries has even got more protein than your average-sized egg. Jam-packed with all these nutrients, açai supposedly gives you better stamina and mental focus. It’s also good for your muscles, with amino acids that’ll boost your strength for class and help you recover afterwards. Plus it tastes like a delicious blend of berries and chocolate. Mmmm…time to hit up the local smoothie joint!