How to Recover from an #AuditionFail

My nerves have been a mess since auditioning for a Nutcracker my teacher recommended me for. I freaked out because I was afraid to disappoint her. I didn’t get hired, although my audition material is being kept on file by the artistic director. I feel like a complete failure. —Loser, Hoboken, NJ I seriously doubt […]

Does Being Hypermobile Change How You Heal?

I had to stop physical therapy for a chronic subluxing knee after suffering a second-degree leg burn from spilling hot cooking oil. I’ve been to the doctor, used antibiotic cream, and washed and bandaged the burned area daily based on his directions. But it’s taking forever to heal! I don’t understand why my body won’t […]

Got Shin Splints? Try These Recovery Tips.

I did a musical number with lots of jumps on a tour stop without a sprung floor. Now my leg really hurts. An orthopedist told me I have shin splints but not a stress fracture. Is the recovery time different? —Bob, Riverdale, NY Yes. A shin splint is a soft-tissue injury, whereas a stress fracture […]

The Break-Up Blues

I feel totally unlovable as a woman ever since my boyfriend left me for a male dancer in the company. I truly believed he was in love with me when we moved in together. How can I get over my gut-wrenching grief, let alone dance with him? —Anonymous A serious boyfriend who suddenly comes out […]

Help! My Old Teacher's Criticism Is Psyching Me Out at Auditions

I’ve already had several dance jobs and apprenticed with a company. Now I’ve set up a series of auditions but can’t shake the words of my old dance teacher. He told our entire class that, unlike him, we didn’t have what it takes to be a professional. He also laughed at us and made humiliating […]

For the Dancer Who's Obsessed with WebMD

I’m constantly terrified about my health even though my annual physical was fine. All it takes is an upset stomach or a new freckle. Then I can’t eat or concentrate on dance and waste hours checking myself, searching the web for fatal diseases and insisting on lab tests. Knowing I’m a hypochondriac doesn’t help. What […]

Can Dancers Bounce Back from Hip Surgery?

My orthopedist says I need hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum from doing an upside-down split in a contemporary piece. He says I’ll most likely be able to dance again, but I’m worried. My best friend had the same surgery and wasn’t able to perform ballet afterwards. How risky is this operation? I’m only […]

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