A group of students hop onto their right legs, their left arm overhead. They are led by a teacher demonstrating the same movement.

How Marymount Manhattan’s Newest Required Course—Embodied Africanist Aesthetics—Is Swiftly Making an Impact on Its Dance Majors

When Marymount Manhattan College student Elias Colado saw a five-day-a-week course titled “Embodied Africanist Aesthetics” appear on his freshman spring schedule last year, he was surprised. Though he was sad not to continue with another class he’d liked in the fall, he quickly learned that Embodied Africanist Aesthetics was the program’s newest graduation requirement. “I’d […]

“SY-FER” by Killian Lassablière

This mini-doc directed by Killian Lassablière offers an intimate look at the afrodance scene in Paris. Curiosity about afrodance—a style made from the blending of several African dances—has recently sprouted on social media, but the project creator says the afrodance community remains small and tightly knit. “SY-FER” not only showcases the dance style, but celebrates […]

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