Photo of a ballerina performing on the stage of a theater.

Why the Rise in Performance Opportunities for Adult Recreational Dancers Matters

Adult recreational performance opportunities are also transformative for those who never thought there was room for them in dance to begin with. “My idea of who could and couldn’t do ballet was very warped as a kid,” says Janay Lee, 25, an au pair who’s participated in the artÉmotion intensive the last two summers. For a long time, Misty Copeland was the only brown ballerina she knew of—none of the other stars she saw looked like her. Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, she did some dance at school and church, but didn’t start taking ballet until she was 18. “It’s like one of those dream careers that I never quite pursued.”

Curtain Up

With the advent of reality TV, YouTube, and social media, concert dance and screen dance are mixing and merging in intriguing ways. In the case of Breaking Pointe, the CW show that takes viewers behind the scenes at Ballet West, it seems to be an intimate look at dancers’ lives—both in work and in love. […]

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