The Dance Year in Review According to AMDA Alumni

The team at AMDA believes there isn’t just one way to advance in the dance industry. Rather, there are a plethora of paths dancers can take to find success—and create sustainable, fulfilling, and wide-ranging careers. “With our dynamic fusion of top-notch training along with creativity, we are cultivating well-rounded students and well-rounded dancers,” says Kyle McHargh, a member […]

Dancers in street clothes gather behind a female dancer as she points to the sky with one finger.

Meet 3 Industry Insiders—and They’re All AMDA Grads

The dance industry is tough. Between constant auditioning, rigorous rehearsal schedules, exciting but tiring performance days, and juggling basic human needs, it can be hard to navigate everything by yourself. And for students, graduating into the professional dance world might seem daunting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who has the industry experience to […]

AMDA’s 4 Tips for Acing Your Next Audition

Ah, audition day. The flurry of new choreography, the long lines of dancers, the wait for callbacks. It’s an environment dancers know well, but it can also come with great stress. Learning how to be best prepared for the big day is often the key to staying calm and performing to your fullest potential (and […]

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