How to Respond When Someone Rolls Their Eyes at Your Dance Major

In college, your major is one of the first things people want to know about you. Are you a math whiz or a biology brainiac? A future lawyer or doctor? But for dancers, sharing your area of study can come with a demeaning smirk, or frustrating comments like, “That must be so easy.” This dismissive […]

What To Look For in a College Ballet Program

Can’t choose between college and a professional ballet career? It’s possible to have both! (Four artistic directors told us so.) But this path comes with extra challenges. The university you choose can make all the difference. So how do you find the right program? Gillian Murphy guest coaching at University of North Carolina School of […]

What Directors Really Think of Ballet Dancers Going To College

In the ballet world, the phrase “going to college” is sometimes regarded as the musings of a dancer who’s not really serious about their craft. Although schools like Juilliard and Bennington College have made degrees acceptable for modern dancers for decades, the competitive ballet world (which often follows a philosophy of “the younger the better”) […]

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