Welcome to the New Online Casting Platform for Dancers Around the World

Choreographer Amy Gardner used to consistently run into the same problem: When jobs popped up in different cities, whether for Nick Jonas or Neiman Marcus, finding dancers wasn’t easy, and casting was slowing down her momentum. “Sometimes we’re looking in Slovenia or Mexico City, and even in L.A. or New York not all dancers are […]

Tired of Being Typecast? Try These Tips to Expand Your Range.

I always dreamed of being a lead dancer. But since reaching my goal, I feel stuck performing the same bravura roles year after year. I want to do more expressive parts, too. How can I expand my range? —Typecast, San Francisco, CA Casting often favors a dancer’s strengths. In your case, it sounds like you’re […]

6 Ways To Embrace Your Type—And Get Cast More Often

When it comes to auditioning, you have to think like a casting director. What is your type? How can you embrace it so that you can get cast in the roles that fit you best? Getting hired is about more than just talent. Directors are looking at everything: from your height, to your energy, to […]

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