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Get More Out of Your Dance Degree—Whether You’re on Campus or Not

Work With Your Professors Your professors are there for you, and not just during class time. Meet—or set up a video chat—with them during office hours to let them know your goals and interests. They may be able to work with you independently. “It can lead to great things,” says Rider University associate professor Kimberly […]

The Majority of College Dance Programs Focus on Western Techniques—and It's Shortchanging Students' Artistry

Nyama McCarthy-Brown, assistant professor of community engagement through dance pedagogy at Ohio State University, breaks down the need for more inclusive dance training in higher ed. The Numbers “We have over 600 college dance programs in the United States, and less than 10 of them focus on something other than ballet or modern,” says McCarthy-Brown […]

Are College Dance Curriculums Too White?

“White supremacy in dance is making ballet and modern a requirement to receive a degree, but dance forms originated by POC are all electives.” Last fall, I created a meme using this statement to do exactly what it did: spread across the dance community and give permission to talk about a pervasive system of racism […]

How to Choose a College Dance Program When You Can't Visit Campus

With all education happening virtually for the foreseeable future, high school seniors find themselves in a difficult position. Not only have their senior-year milestone events—prom, last recitals, graduation—been canceled or postponed, but they also have to choose which college to attend next year without making any more in-person visits. For dancers in particular, this presents […]