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Why Financial Transparency is Vital for the Dance Field’s Health

To date, 19 of the largest 50 ballet companies in the U.S. have placed their most recent federal returns online. This is a great first step, one that other companies should implement as soon as possible. Those in dance leadership positions are also in dire need of basic education around their obligations to the community. In return for not paying taxes, a duty of disclosure is beyond expected—it’s mandated.

Dance Data Project's Latest Report Includes Some Stunning Numbers

Since 2015, Dance Data Project® has become a reliable source for hard numbers backing up conversations on gender inequity in ballet. Today it came out with an Artistic and Executive Leadership Report detailing the gender distribution among directors at the largest 100 ballet companies, as well as the pay gap between male and female leaders. […]

Looking at Ballet's Gender Gap By the Numbers

The lack of female leaders in ballet is an old conversation. But a just-launched website, called the Dance Data Project, has brought something new to the discussion: actual numbers, not just anecdotal evidence. The site has published a report on leadership pay among the 50 biggest ballet companies in the U.S, broken down by gender. […]

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