Dancer Thomas F. Dwyer, Who Joined Dance Exchange in His 50s, Dies at 87

Dance Exchange company member, cast member, collaborator and dance partner Thomas Dwyer died on October 8 at age 87. Dwyer’s influence helped shape the organization that Dance Exchange is today. He was an inimitable force onstage, with a presence that could not be overlooked, and a gentle, humble, witty soul with an infectious smile. A […]

They Founded Companies—Then They Moved On. Here's Why.

Starting and sustaining a dance company is not for the faint of heart. It often takes tremendous sacrifice in terms of time, energy and money. But it’s not a life sentence. Arts organizations, like everything else, come to an end, and nothing could be more important to an artist’s vitality than knowing when to call […]

We Need Liz Lerman Now More Than Ever

In these times that are scary for artists and immigrants, it’s good to be reminded that dance does not have to ignore politics. Maybe that’s why more than one organization recently decided to honor Liz Lerman, an American choreographer known for working toward issues of social justice. This summer Lerman will receive both the Jacob’s […]

When Dancers Speak

After spending years in the studio honing your ability to express yourself with your body, movement can come to feel like the most natural method of communication. Yet in today’s contemporary dance field, speaking has become a necessary performance skill: More and more, choreographers are asking dancers to double as actors, spoken-word artists and onstage […]

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