Joshua L. Peugh lunges as he supports a female dancers wrists as she leans into a penché. Other pairs watch and imitate them in the studio.

Joshua L. Peugh Premieres a Queer Take on the Cowboy Western

Dark Circles Contemporary Dance kicks off its 10th-anniversary season with the premiere of Ten-Gallon, a dancy dive into queerness and the Western genre. Artistic director Joshua L. Peugh will be interrogating traditional ideas of the Western while reenvisioning the genre with his signature absurdist charm.

5 New Shows We're Curious About this Month

From Fort Worth to Minneapolis to London, tango to contemporary to bharatanatyam, May is packed with unexpected premieres. Keigwin & Wolcott are Reuniting (and It Feels So Good) Keigwin and Wolcott. Photo by Christaan Felber, Courtesy DANCE NOW. You never quite know what you’re getting yourself into when you drop in on a DANCE NOW […]

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