Is Dance Underfunded Because It's Undervalued?

I hate asking for money. I am tired of feeling like we, as dance practitioners, are constantly begging for every morsel of sustenance. We are often seen as the poor stepchildren of the arts, usually thought of as having nothing tangible to sell. Even talking about money is partially taboo in our field. Once we […]

Friends with the Floor

Imagine that each body part that comes in contact with the floor is a foot, says teacher Ami Shulman. Jubal Battisti, Courtesy Shulman Four tips to help you master floorwork. As humans, we take pride in walking upright, on two legs. But as dancers, we need to feel equally comfortable off our feet, in that […]

Why I Dance: David Dorfman

David Dorfman performing in “Lightbulb Theory” Why do I dance? I have to—I need to. To heal. To feel. My mom was ill (MS). I danced, at times frantically, to encourage her to take a step. Once after seeing me dance, she walked a few relatively pain-free paces before her body remembered she couldn’t. I […]

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