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5 “Bad” Foods That Actually Offer Solid Nutritional Benefits

Dancers know they need to eat well to fuel their performance. However, pervasive messages from diet culture, combined with dancers’ perfectionistic tendencies, often lead them to label certain foods as “bad.” In addition to damaging your overall relationship with food, dietitians say this habit could lead you to miss out on some real nutritional benefits. […]

Cora Cliburn jumps up in the air, her flowy white dress swirling around her hips

ODC/Dance’s Cora Cliburn Shares Her Green Chile Stew Recipe

One of Cora Cliburn’s favorite memories of growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is of smelling the local Hatch green chiles roasting each fall. Many locals have their own versions of a green chile stew—and heartily debate which is best, says Cliburn. The ODC/Dance member says her own favorite is her mom’s recipe, which […]

90 Years of Health Tips For Dancers

Dance Magazine has been writing about fitness and nutrition for dancers since before the phrase dance medicine existed. For our 90th anniversary, we took a look through our archives to find out how we’ve advised readers through the years. It turns out, some of our health coverage stands the test of time better than others. […]

Your Body: Green Energy

For years, musical theater dancer Melissa Ryan drank coffee to get through two dance classes without a break, but she felt dehydrated and tired. Then she discovered kale. “The first time I had it, there was literally a spring in my step,” she says. “Now, if I have kale in a juice in the morning, […]

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