Can Certain Types of Water Hydrate You Better?

Dancers know they need to drink plenty of fluids. As little as 1 to 2 percent fluid loss from sweat can affect mental and physical performance, causing issues with focus, memory, balance and endurance. “Proper hydration also minimizes muscle cramping and aids in recovery. It’s good for digestion. It helps lubricate joints,” says Yasi Ansari, […]

The Truth About Emotional Eating

Losing yourself in a pint of ice cream after a frustrating audition. Stress baking during the COVID-19 lockdown. Most of us have experience with “emotional eating,” using food to process or distract from stress. There are scientific reasons why we turn to food for emotional support, says Marie Scioscia, a registered dietitian who works with […]

These Foods Can Help You Build Stronger Bones

What supports the framework for a healthy dancer? Strong bones. Our bone density is determined by the amount of minerals available within our bones. Those like calcium make up much of our bone mass, and the more of it we have, the stronger our bones are. From our teenage years and well into our late […]

5 Healthy Hot Drinks to Warm You Up This Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s only natural to reach for a steaming cup of something delicious. The right hot drinks can hydrate you and provide bonus nutri­ents to support your hardworking dancer body—all while keeping you warm and toasty. Green Tea Green tea—and, to a lesser extent, black tea—is rich in compounds that […]

Yes, There Is a Place for Sugar in Your Diet

Given the hype around sugar’s unhealthy consequences, it might as well be wrapped in a layer of yellow “Caution” tape. But many dancers still cannot kick the strong cravings for their favorite sweet indulgences. How can dancers manage this urge without fear? Why the Body Craves Sugar Whether it comes from whole-grain bread or a […]

How to Make Resolutions That Actually Get You The Results You Want

The clean slate of a new year makes January prime time for big plans, dreams and, of course, resolutions. But jotting down a bunch of far-fetched goals probably isn’t going to keep you motivated throughout the year. Here, experts sound off on four common dancer resolutions, and how to make each more effective. The Resolution: […]

These 7 Foods Can Fight Stress and Improve Your Mood

We all know that dancers are typically perfectionistic, highly-motivated, driven and capable of enduring physical pain. These same qualities that lead to success can also drive stress that eventually leads to burnout. But did you know that diet can play a role in taking care of your mental health? Research continues to demonstrate that nutrients […]

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