Why Are Dancers More Flexible on Some Days Than Others?

I’ve noticed that my flexibility, which is pretty good, varies throughout the company’s season. Why does this happen, and what can I do about it? —Jillian, Brooklyn, NY Several factors affect flexibility. A busy dance season can lead to tighter muscles due to fatigue. In this case, restorative therapies like weekly massages, sufficient sleep and […]

Is Spinning Safe for Dancers?

I developed the habit of taking seven spin classes a week during my summer break. It’s been great for my endurance, but my muscles are looking bulkier in ballet. Is spinning bad for dancers? —Ashley, Miami, FL The answer depends on your body’s composition. All of us are born with a mix of fast- and […]

I Hate My Co-Worker

Thinkstock How to deal with a bad apple at your company, plus tips for keeping injury at bay. I’m in rehab for a badly sprained ankle and feel guilty if I do anything fun. The PT exercises are a bore, but I get anxious if I skip one. I feel trapped and lonely. How can […]

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