Ebony Williams walks confidently down a city street, blue coat flapping in the wind in from of a yellow structure

Catching Up With the Ever-Busy Ebony Williams

After dancing JaQuel Knight’s choreography in Beyoncé’s epic “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” video, Ebony Williams quickly became one of the commercial world’s most recognizable faces. But she’d already been working overtime as a dancer and choreographer, performing with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet while simultaneously taking on a range of commercial opportunities. “I […]

11 Top Travel Tips from Touring Pros

Touring as a dancer can be the opportunity of a lifetime. But day-to-day life on the road doesn’t always come easily. Four dancers with experience on equity, non-equity, commercial and concert dance tours shared their travel tips and insider perspectives with Dance Magazine. Daniela Filipone Daniela Filippone has been on tour with Phantom of the […]

Richard Siegal's New Ballet Company is All About Celebrating Difference

How do we make ballet, a traditionally homogeneous art form, relevant to and reflective of an increasingly diverse and globalized era? While established companies are shifting slowly, Richard Siegal/Ballet of Difference, though less than 2 years old, has something of a head start. The guiding force of the company, which is based in Germany, is […]