The 2017 Grand Audition drew dancers from 27 countries. Photo by Andrej Uspenski, Courtesy Grand Audition.

Hopping from city to city during audition season can be both expensive and time-consuming—not to mention disheartening if you end up being cut after barre. Since its inception in 2016, the Grand Audition has aimed to solve that conundrum for young ballet dancers looking for a job: This annual two-day event in Europe provides an unprecedented opportunity to audition for 10 companies at once.

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Dance Training
Erica Badgeley, PC Wolfgang Lienbacher

It's not uncommon for college dancers to immerse themselves in a new culture for a semester abroad. But what about for their entire four years? Though it's not a path many prospective students consider, it's one that comes with major benefits—if you're up for a different kind of college experience.

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