a male teacher holding a microphone while leading a female dancer by the hand

How to Keep Your Cool at Jam-Packed Conventions

Convention ballrooms are always exciting, but sometimes they can also be overwhelming, with hundreds of dancers jockeying for space—and attention—on the carpeted floor. Whether it’s your first time attending a convention or you’re a seasoned faculty member, everyone has a role to play to keep jam-packed classes feeling safe and uplifting. Here’s how teachers can manage crowded convention environments, and how students can navigate them.

Ezra Sosa is a young man with a medium complexion, wearing a colorful vest with sparkle lapels, white sparkle pants and yellow sneakers. He leans toward the right and gestures to JoJo Siwa, who wears a rainbow sparkle crop top and miniskirt and sings into a microphone.

The Scoop on Backup Dancing: Four Dancers Dish on Tour Life

Touring with a major recording artist is at the top of most commercial dancers’ bucket lists. What could be more exciting than getting paid to dance, travel the world and work with mega-talented celebrity musicians? It looks glamorous, but most dancers don’t actually know what the job truly entails until they’ve booked it. Is it as […]

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