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Building Toward Financial Success in College

Dancers have intelligent, detail-oriented minds that can excel at understanding finance and economics better than they may realize. Just like technique, it simply takes training and practice—and that can begin when you’re still a student.

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If You’re Self-Employed as an Artist, These 5 Money Moves Are Essential

If you’re a self-employed artist, you’re also a business—even if you don’t quite see yourself that way. How you handle your finances should reflect this dual role.  Elisa Balabram, who leads business-for-artists workshops at Baruch College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), says her attendees would certainly rather be in their studios, but her message to […]

Dancers: Are You Forgetting This Essential Component of Self-Care?

Caring for yourself as a dancer is about more than rolling out your IT bands and eating the right food. However, when my podcast partner and I conducted an exploratory study of dancers’ perceptions of their own well-being, only a handful of over 175 participants identified financial counseling as important self-care, even though many stated […]

Dancers, Are You Making Any of These 8 Common Money Mistakes?

There’s an image that the Institute of Financial Wellness for the Arts likes to use during group presentations: a picture of someone with their head in the sand. The financial services company—launched by TheaterMania and OvationTix co-founder Darren Sussman and his brother Erik, a veteran of the financial services industry—finds that too many artists simply […]

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