A still from the video game Just Dance 2024. An animated dancer performs steps that are reflected in a stick figure pictogram on the bottom right of the screen. Scrolling across the top are characters giving feedback with brightly colored words: OK, GOOD, or PERFECT.

Real Dancers, Really Dancing: The Making of Just Dance 2024

When you imagine a video game studio, you probably think of rows of programmers at rows of computers and a fleet of gaming consoles, rather than mirrored dance studios. But at Ubisoft Paris, there are both: The Paris branch of the video game company leads the creation and development of Just Dance, a game in which players are scored for how precisely and musically they can reproduce choreography to popular songs.

Lady Gaga's Lead Choreographer Looks Back on 7 Iconic Videos

If you’ve gone gaga for Lady Gaga’s elaborate and out-there music videos, you’ve probably admired Richy Jackson’s work. Jackson has been by Lady Gaga’s side for almost a decade, and since late 2011, he’s been the superstar’s lead choreographer and visual director. (Jackson has also worked with other artists like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and […]

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