Our 2018 Cover Stars Shared Their Biggest Hopes for the Year Ahead

It’s that time again: Everyone’s looking at the year to come and thinking about what they might want to get out of it. So we asked our cover stars from Dance Magazine‘s 2018 issues what they’re hoping for. Their answers spanned everything from more growth and more touring, to more family time and more rest. […]

Why Paul Taylor Treasures Dancer Laura Halzack

When Paul Taylor created Beloved Renegade on Laura Halzack in 2008, he gave unequivocal instructions. She was the figure, sometimes referred to as the angel of death, who circles dancer Michael Trusnovec in a compassionate, yet emphatic way. “He choreographed every single step for me,” she says. “He showed it to me—do this développé, reach […]

What Every Dancer Can Learn from Taylor's Laura Halzack

How great is it when the dancers you love watching most turn out to be the kind of people you respect most? Laura Halzack has been a favorite of ours since she joined the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 2006. She moves with such statuesque elegance, but never lets that diminish her obvious joy onstage. […]

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