Germaine Acogny stands upright, facing downstage with her arms lightly raised from her sides. Malou Airaudo faces Acogny, chin lowered to one of her shoulders, arms wrapping around Acogny's back. The stage behind them is lit a deep red.

Germaine Acogny, the “Mother of Contemporary African Dance,” Continues Her Conversation With Pina Bausch

The last pre-pandemic rehearsal in March 2020 for a production of Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring became a streaming video hit titled Dancing at Dusk, starring dancers from 14 African countries. This recast Rite finally premiered live last fall in four European cities, alongside common ground[s], a duet by and for Germaine Acogny and celebrated Bausch dancer Malou Airaudo.

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