Managing the Mid-Career: What Happens After "Emerging"

For choreographers, leaving the “emerging” status comes with its own set of ups and downs. Luck, location and access to gatekeepers all factor into how the doors of opportunity open to arrive in that elusive middle place known as “mid-career.” Whether one works a decade to get there or is catapulted there after a quick […]

News of Note: What You May Have Missed in July 2019

Here are the latest promotions, appointments and transfers, plus notable awards and accomplishments from the last month. Comings & Goings Tigran Mkrtchyan has joined Boston Ballet as a soloist, Chisako Oga as a second soloist. At English National Ballet, Aitor Arrieta, Katja Khaniukova and Ken Saruhashi have been promoted to first soloist, Julia Conway, Daniel […]

The Choreographer Who Blends Science & Dance Into Performance Art

Michelle Ellsworth claims that she really doesn’t have a “thing” for science or technology. “I never use them unless I have to,” quips the edgy dance artist, who has made a name for herself with her elaborate and witty one-woman performances. It may not be her “thing,” but she’s made science a central ingredient in […]

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