Concentrated young 30s caucasian woman writing business notes in paper organizer, planning future investments or managing monthly budget, reviewing bills or taxes, sitting at table at home office.

If You’re Self-Employed as an Artist, These 5 Money Moves Are Essential

If you’re a self-employed artist, you’re also a business—even if you don’t quite see yourself that way. How you handle your finances should reflect this dual role.  Elisa Balabram, who leads business-for-artists workshops at Baruch College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), says her attendees would certainly rather be in their studios, but her message to […]

Looking at Ballet's Gender Gap By the Numbers

The lack of female leaders in ballet is an old conversation. But a just-launched website, called the Dance Data Project, has brought something new to the discussion: actual numbers, not just anecdotal evidence. The site has published a report on leadership pay among the 50 biggest ballet companies in the U.S, broken down by gender. […]

How Much Can You Make In Dance? Here Are More Than 200 Actual Salaries

Dance Magazine asked readers the question you’re never supposed to ask: How much money do you make? More than two hundred readers filled out our online survey about how much they earned through their work in the dance field in 2017. Here is a selection of the user-submitted entries, which have been edited for clarity, […]

The Power & Pitfalls of Winning Money With No Strings Attached

Unrestricted grants—those not tied to a specific project or commission—are the holy grail of dance funding. But how do dance artists accustomed to living from project to project handle the sudden influx of capital? We asked three choreographers who’ve won these grants multiple times about their experiences. Kyle Abraham Kyle Abraham has used the money […]

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