A side-by-side image of Terry Notary in a motion-capture helmet next to the character Groot.

(Perhaps Unexpected) Career Avenues for Dance Artists in Hollywood

Though the Los Angeles dance scene already offers its own choreographic aesthetic and performance opportunities for dancers eager to head West, there are also a number of commercial-specific ways for movers to put their dance training to good—and perhaps unexpected—use. Movement coaching is a growing field in Hollywood, and certain subsets, like movement direction and […]

Meet The Movement Coach Who Helped Rami Malek Transform Into Freddie Mercury

Watching Bohemian Rhapsody through the eyes of dancer, there’s a certain element of the movie that’s impossible to ignore: Rami Malek’s physical performance of Freddie Mercury. The way he so completely embodies the nuances of the rock star is simply mind-blowing. We had to learn how he did it, so we called up Polly Bennett, […]