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On July 27, 1974, Mikhail Baryshnikov made his American Ballet Theatre debut, dancing opposite fellow expatriate Natalia Makarova in Giselle mere weeks after his defection from the Soviet Union. The then-26-year-old caused a sensation, with Dance Magazine contributor Olga Maynard observing in her review, "If Baryshnikov exerts his good influences on ballet in the West we shall owe him a debt of gratitude."

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Dance in Pop Culture
In a still from The White Crow, Rudolf Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko) looks out over Paris from the roof of the Palais Garnier. Photo courtesy Sony Pictures Classics

I caught a preview screening of The White Crow earlier this week at New York City's 92Y, and I have to say: Even with a solid grasp of dance history and a smattering of film studies knowledge, I had some questions when the credits rolled. The Ralph Fiennes–directed Rudolf Nureyev biopic dramatizes the events leading up to the ballet star's famous defection from the Soviet Union, touching on incidents from his childhood and his years at the Leningrad Choreographic School.

So before you check out the film (which has a limited release in NYC and Los Angeles today), here are a few details that might be helpful to know.

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Dancers Trending

In her many years of shooting top dancers and choreographers, photographer Rose Eichenbaum has not only captured their movement, but collected their stories and the guidance they have to offer other artists.

Now, Eichenbaum is releasing a coffee table book, Inside the Dancer's Art, filled with these artists' words of wisdom alongside their portraits. Here are a few of our favorites.

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In honor of the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which wrapped up last night, we dug into the Dance Magazine Archives to prove that dogs and dance—though a seemingly unlikely pairing—have always been in style. Even today, it's not uncommon to see a pooch or two curled up in the corner of a New York City Ballet studio during rehearsal. Who better to help you navigate the ruff life of a dancer than a canine companion (pun fully intended)? Whether you have your best performance ever or it's a total flop, they'll always be waiting for you with a furry grin, wagging tail and, er, possibly, a slobbery kiss. Here are some of our favorite dancer-dog moments:

Behold, a very rare breed: the Baryshni-pup.

Courtesy DM Archives

And also, the larger Baryshni-dog, who is very curious about Misha's possibly stinky, post-workout shoe.

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This one is a gem. Renowned director Vincente Minnelli (he worked on landmark movie-musicals like Gigi and An American in Paris) and Judy Garland pose with their daughter, a pint-sized Liza Minnelli, and a puppy in a party hat.

Courtesy DM Archives

Even superstars need a break from the studio. Here, Liza Minnelli spends a tender moment outside with her wiry-haired pooch.

Courtesy DM Archives

I think it's safe to say this dog is seated in the lap of luxury. Liza's, that is.

Photos by Van Williams, Courtesy DM Archives


These horses technically aren't the dancers' pets, but I couldn't throw away an opportunity to highlight a stunning young Violette Verdy (center) and members of the New York City Ballet corps posing with Lipizzaner stallions at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

Photo by Bob Mayette, Courtesy DM Archives

And just in case you're not a dog or horse fan, please enjoy this precious kitten with none other than the illustrious Natalia Makarova.

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