two women moving together wearing tight caps with wires attached to them

What Neuroaesthetics, a New Field of Research, Can Tell Us About What Dance Does to Our Brains and Bodies

With its unique brain–body connection, dance is at the very center of neuroaesthetics, or the science of how the arts affect our brains, and therefore our bodies. Early findings of this still-emerging field are confirming what dancers and dance lovers have long known implicitly: that experiencing dance—whether doing it ourselves or watching it—has profound effects on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

We're Born to Love Dance—Science Says So!

Have you ever felt like your relationship to dance is something of an addiction? Not to worry, that’s completely normal—it’s simply the way our brains are wired. This week, The Washington Post published an intriguing feature that looks at the science of what actually goes on upstairs when we’re watching a live performance. The insight […]

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