Should You Spend a Semester in New York City or Los Angeles?

Studying abroad typically involves customs, visas and foreign transaction fees. But dance major­s sometimes opt for a closer option: Los Angeles or New York City. For students hungry for real-world experience in the heartbeat of the industry, spending a semester in one of these dance hubs can act as a launchpad for your next step […]

How to Recognize—and Manage—Imposter Syndrome

It often starts as a little voice. “She looked better doing that combination than I did.” “I’m never going to get that role.” But over time, the whispers can turn to shouts. “I’m not as good as they think I am.” “I’m never going to make it as a professional dancer.” “I don’t belong in […]

How to Feel Confident When Committing to a College Dance Program

You might think that applying to colleges is the most stressful part of the application process. But some students find that the pressure is heightened once acceptance letters start rolling in. Making a decision about which program to choose doesn’t have to feel daunting—you just need to follow a few practical steps. Important Factors to […]

College vs. Contract: What to Consider Before Taking a Leave of Absence

Four years of lectures, exams and classes can feel like a lifetime for college dancers who have their sights set on performing. So when a professional opportunity comes knocking, it can be tempting to step away from your academics. But there are a few things to consider before putting your education on hold. The To-Do […]

What It Takes to Make It As A Commercial Dancer

The commercial dance world is full of exciting opportunities for dancers: music videos, Broadway shows, international concert tours. But how do dancers develop the skill set needed to survive in such a fast-paced industry? College is one option, and a few programs focus specifically on commercial dance. Here’s how Studio School, Los Angeles and Pace […]

In Training: Dancing to Hollywood and Beyond

Three degrees for commercial dancers Students of Columbia College Chicago. Photo by Bill Frederking, courtesy Columbia College Chicago. A few years ago, students pursuing a commercial dance career might have come up short in the college search. But today’s programs more than meet their needs. “I want students to be as technically strong and versatile […]

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