a female dancer wearing a black bra lifting her arms over her head

What Will It Take For the Field to Become Truly Inclusive of Plus-Size Dancers?

What is it like to be a plus-size dancer today? Complicated. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have raised awareness about exclusionary practices in all kinds in dance, and the mainstream body-positivity movement has led to some progress—most noticeably impacting the dance world since the rise of social media. Yet sizeism remains an especially recalcitrant, systemic issue that continues to plague dancers worldwide.

"If We Want Our Industry to Welcome All Body Types, We Need to Reevaluate How We Interact Dancer-to-Dancer."

Hip-hop dancer Amanda LaCount reflects on the biases she’s encountered as a plus-size artist—and how dancers can be more supportive of one another. Inclusion starts in the studio, says LaCount. How you treat other dancers matters.  Plus-size dancers still face biases when it comes to booking gigs, but, says LaCount, demeaning comments from fellow dancers […]

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