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Rovaco Dance Company Founder Rohan Bhargava Shares His Savory Indian Breakfast Recipe

Rohan Bhargava sees cooking as a form of love. “It’s something I acquired from my fiancé because his love language is cooking for someone else,” says the founder and artistic director of the New York City–based Rovaco Dance Company. Bhargava’s fiancé, Shivam, gets the credit for reintroducing him to a childhood favorite: besan ka cheela, savory gram (chickpea) flour pancakes. “It’s a breakfast dish I grew up eating a lot back home in New Delhi, India,” says Bhargava of cheelas, which also happen to be vegan and gluten-free. “I always thought it would require so much effort, but it’s something that’s really fast and easy to prepare.” Although cheelas are usually paired with green chutney, Bhargava also enjoys eating them with ketchup. “It’s an unpopular opinion that a lot of people look down on,” he jokes.

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