a group of dancers wearing blue standing tall on stage

UDA Nationals Went Viral on TikTok. What’s Next for College Dance Teams? 

When the nation’s top college dance teams gathered at the Universal Dance Association Nationals in Orlando earlier this year, few could have predicted the millions who would be soon watching worldwide. The annual competition, in which college dance teams perform across a number of divisions in jazz, hip-hop, and pom categories, attracted a massive audience […]

What Should Prospective Students Look For On College Tours?

For some students, it’s the moment of ultimate clarity: The second they set foot on campus, they’re hooked. But for others, touring a potential college can be overwhelming. What exactly should you be on the lookout for? And can you really get a feel for the whole college in one day? Dos and Don’ts on […]

Words of Wisdom and Curiosity from Doug Elkins

After a program of Doug Elkins’ works last Saturday, I moderated a post-performance talk with him. This was part of the high-powered Peak Performances series at Montclair State University in New Jersey, in which Doug premiered a film and a new dance and reprised his popular Mo(or)town/Redux. Students from MSU as well as Rutgers, where […]

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