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Try This Shortcake Recipe From a Broadway Dancer–Turned–Pastry Chef

When it came time to retire, he enrolled at the French Culinary Institute. “My first day, I was petrified. I felt like I was throwing away my dancer identity,” he admits. Instructor Toni Lynn Dickinson, who’d danced with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, set him straight. “She said, ‘As a dancer, you will excel in […]

From the Studio to the Vineyard: These Dancers Opened Their Own Winery

Most dancers’ second careers involve something like teaching dance. Or choreographing dance, or photographing it. But Travis and Mallory Walker went in a totally different direction. Yet the couple sees winemaking as an extension of their dance life. “There’s not as much makeup involved and the costumes are a little different, but you still have […]