More Than Injury Prevention: How Somatics Can Deepen Artistry

We might not be able to go out right now, but we can go in. For those of us still stuck taking class at home, it’s not a great time to work on jumps, leaps and turns. As for discovering our internal world, though, it’s been a somatic sensory feast. The basic tenets of somatics—awareness, […]

3 Exercises to Maximize Your Turnout Potential

Let’s be real: Dancers (particularly ballet dancers) have a lot of feelings about turnout. As a foundational element of ballet technique, it presents high-achieving artists with a theoretical ideal, the fabled 180 degrees, while simultaneously requiring them to work within the practicality of their own anatomy. Much of accessing your turnout comes through technique, strategy […]

How To Keep Your Body In Top Shape At Summer Intensives

Few things are most frustrating than arriving at your summer intensive full of excitement—only to get injured, stuck sitting out on the sidelines and missing out on the experience you signed up for. To help you avoid this disappointment, we tapped Daniel Cuttica, D.O., an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon with The Centers for Advanced […]

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