5 Reasons to Attend a College Dance Department's Summer Program

Many high school students figure out where they might like to attend college by visiting campuses. But for dancers, there’s often an even better research opportunity that involves top-notch training, networking opportunities and a chance to perform: the college program summer intensive. University dance departments around the country offer summer intensives for high school students, […]

Every Day is a Performance at The School at Jacob's Pillow

Since she was little, Hannah Kravec, 16, had been watching videos of dancers she revered perform on the Inside/Out stage, a serene venue overlooking the Berkshire mountains on the campus of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Suddenly last summer, she was dancing on it herself as a student in the school’s tap program. “It was […]

What I Wish I Knew About Getting Rejected from Summer Intensives

I’ve never been much of a crier, but there was one part of my life that pretty consistently involved tears: summer intensive audition season. Rejection is never pleasant. But rejections from summer programs can feel particularly gut-wrenching. In a classic case of catastrophizing, I remember always thinking, If I can’t even get into this summer […]

The Summer That Shaped Me: 5 Dancers Share Their Intensive Stories

While some dancers return year after year to the same beloved summer intensive, others travel the globe seeking novel ways of moving. Aspiring dancers can find myriad possibilities for their summer months, and with so many choices, such varied costs and so much competition, summer study can be tough to navigate. Dance Magazine asked five […]

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