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Behind the Scenes with Brittany Nicholas, Dance Captain and Swing in Broadway’s & Juliet

Brittany Nicholas’ onstage and offstage roles blend together in the informal opening of Broadway’s & Juliet. With the house lights still up, ensemble members saunter onstage with mugs and water bottles in hand, breaking the fourth wall by warming up in front of the expectant audience. When it’s Nicholas’ turn to enter, she does so holding a patterned binder, her authoritative role clear as she gives notes to her peers.

What The World Needs Now Is Dance

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t possibly give you the amount of money you’re asking for.” My heart sinks at my director’s final response to my salary proposal. She insists it’s not me or my work, there is just no money in the budget. My disappointment grows when handed the calendar for Grand Rapids Ballet’s […]

Top Broadway Choreographers on Bob Fosse's Legacy

Conscientious theatergoers may be familiar with The School for Scandal, The School for Wives and School of Rock. But how many are also aware of the school of Fosse? The 1999 musical, a posthumous exploration of the choreographic career of Bob Fosse, ran for 1,093 performances, winning four Tonys and 10 nominations; employing 32 dancers; […]

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