Words of Wisdom: Bo Spassoff Shares His Takeaways From Nearly Four Decades at The Rock School

As the saying goes, “Legends aren’t born; they’re made.” Several of today’s leading ballet stars—Isaac and Esteban Hernández, Christine Shevchenko, Michaela DePrince, Beckanne Sisk, Derek Dunn, Taylor Stanley—have one big commonality in the training that shaped them: They all studied with the husband-and-wife team of Bo and Stephanie Spassoff. This month marks a turning point […]

Should Dance Students Get to Choose Their Own Variations?

Do students get a say in choosing their competition variations? It depends on the coach’s philosophy: Always: Stephanie and Bo Spassoff of The Rock School Stephanie Spassoff, PC Catherine Park “We ask dancers to look at different variations and let us know what they feel they can handle,” says Stephanie. “The coach and student then […]

How to Find a Competition Coach–And What to Do When You Get One

When you’re preparing for a competition, it’s critical to find a coach who can refine your technique and bring out your artistry. Their expertise, along with your trust, professionalism and commitment, will be key to getting the most out of your solo rehearsals—and will make or break your performance. But how do you choose a […]

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