Trajal Harrell, a slender Black man, leans into one hip as he steps forward. His elbows hug to his ribs as he raises his hands and chin. He is dressed in all black, while another dancer in the background wears a pink button-down as they mime holding something overhead with one hand.

Enlivening the Imagination: Trajal Harrell’s Rich Repertoire of Transcultural, Intersectional, and Futuristic Works

A reverent love for the ritual of performance infuses choreographer and director Trajal Harrell’s theatrical style. Who is this man? How does he seamlessly synthesize voguing and runway idioms with butoh, the dances of Greek antiquity, and modern and postmodern dance to create the intriguing works that make him an internationally admired and respected artist? And how has his bold, incisive leadership shaped Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble over the past five years?

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