male dancer jumping on stage

Wei Wang on Being the First Chinese Male Principal at San Francisco Ballet

Being at San Francisco Ballet for more than 10 years has shown me that classical ballet isn’t just a physical activity; it is a language, a way of expression, and it connects people. Being the first Asian male principal dancer in the company’s history has allowed me to bring my culture into my work.

female dancer performing grand jete in long pink skirt

Jessica He on the Joys of Being a Professional Ballerina

Every day, I chase the headspace that ballet gives me, and my genuine appreciation for the art has only grown. It brings me joy and fulfillment to devote my time, energy and focus to the never-ending goals and challenges that come with being a professional ballet dancer.

woman in yellow pants and plaid shirt, one arm up one foot in coupe

Jodi Melnick on Her Lifelong Love of Dance

I am deeply, madly, in love with movement. It is one of the great loves of my life, it is my heart.
The very unromantic reason why I dance is because it is my vocation, my entire adult life’s work, it is what I do.

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