Rosy Simas on Using Dance to Unite Identity, Ancestry & Culture

Creating is a spiritual act for me, rooted in natu­re, formed through my link to the ances­­tors and the land of which we are made. I weave cultural concepts with scientific and philosophical theories. My work unites themes of personal and collective identity with family, matriarchy, sovereignty, equality and healing that centers the voices of […]

What's Shirlene Quigley's Love Language? Dance

Dance is my love language. It’s the way I spread joy around the world. It’s my superpower, the purpose God gave me and one of the main reasons I smile. I’m full of feelings, although some people may not know it because I am quite reserved, private and almost shy at times. Dance is the […]

For the Mariinsky's Maria Khoreva, a Life in Dance Is Inevitable

Do you think I have not tried doing any activities other than ballet? You bet I did. But if they showed anything, it’s just that dance is what I want to do most of all. There is a method in mathematics called proof by contradiction, which consists of refuting the denial of a statement to […]

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