an instructor standing in the middle of a studio with students lying on their backs on the floor

Choreographer Ching Ching Wong on Finding a Home in Dance

I dance because dance is home. Home as I have built it, home as it feels, and home where I find the people I love and who love me. Through dance I have tasted freedom, instinct, abandon, and trust. I have learned how to make mistakes, how to fail, how to collaborate, how to be disappointed, how to work hard, how to be proud of both myself and of others. This home has raised me and it has shaped the woman I am. I have found my voice. Dance has shown me that magic is real and this life we have is singular and spectacular.

a male dancer wearing a sheet unitard stretching the arm band up over his head

Boston Ballet Principal John Lam Shares the Challenges He’s Overcome in His 20-Year Career

My dance journey has been inspired by countless performances and artists, each providing a unique perspective. But all roads, no matter how beautiful, are fraught with challenges, and I faced two great ones throughout my career. The first was my recovery from a torn ACL during a performance—an ordeal that challenged me physically and mentally long after my surgery and rehab.

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