Dada Masilo's Giselle will be a Pay As You Decide performance. PC John Hogg, Courtesy Richard Kornberg & Associates

The Joyce Theater Is Letting Patrons Decide How Much To Pay for Tickets

What's the biggest barrier preventing dancers and non-dancers alike from seeing more performances? We think it's safe to say the answer is cost.

New York City's Joyce Theater, known for presenting acclaimed international and domestic companies representing a variety of genres, just launched two ticket initiatives that will offer $10 tickets for dance professionals, and allow all audiences to choose their own ticket price for select shows.

The first, JoycePass, will allow registered dance artists and admins to purchase $10 tickets to any show. "Working dancers can't always make it. They don't know their rehearsal schedules. They can't plan far enough out," Linda Shelton, The Joyce's executive director, told the New York Times. Though the Joyce already offers $10 and $20 tickets, they've historically sold out quickly, and JoycePass users will have access to better seats.

The second program is aimed at encouraging audiences to see unfamiliar choreographers. With the Pay What You Decide initiative, patrons can choose how much they'd like to pay for their ticket after seeing a show. There is no minimum ticket price—only a $1 fee to reserve a seat.

Pay What You Decide tickets will only be available for select shows: Company Wayne McGregor on March 3, Brian Brooks Dance on March 18 and Dada Masilo on April 8.

Only 10 JoycePass tickets will be available for each performance, and we're guessing they'll go fast. Email to sign up for the program.

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