The Ultimate Gymspiration—For Tappers

August 19, 2015

Don’t worry, this is not your average treadmill dance video. Jared Grimes has taken the trend to a whole other level by tackling the machine in tap shoes. First he posted this:


Next he tried the jump rope (or, more specifically, a mic cable he turned into a jump rope):


And last week he came out with a tap dance on rollerblades. Yes, rollerblades!


I found what he’s doing so mind-boggling that I had to ask him if those sounds were actually all made by his feet in the rollerblades. They are!

“I’m on a mission!” he told me, adding that he’s hoping to bring these ideas to life in one way or another soon. (Maybe something for the next dance-based Under Armour ad? Or a quirky piece for the stage?) “I’m just testing these ideas out,” he said. “I got loads more too. It’s time for something new!”