Turning Your World Upside Down

March 25, 2009

Have you ever dreamt of flying gracefully through the air, floating from trapeze to trapeze? Jump into an Aerial Dance class, and suddenly it’s not so surreal. In this intense workout, you’ll suspend from the ceiling using a variety of aerial props, which make for a totally 3-dimensional exploration of space. As you to move in ways that a regular technique class wouldn’t allow, you can improve your balance, strengthen your center, build upper body strength, and increase flexibility. Plus, if you get serious about it, you’ll come out with a new dance skill to put on your resume. For classes near you, check out: 

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center (New York, NY), www.manhattanmovement.com

Hollywood Aerial Arts (Los Angeles, CA), www.hollywoodaerialarts.com

Aloft Aerial Dance (Chicago, IL), www.aloftaerialdance.com

Aerial Dance Over Denver (Denver, CO), www.aerialdanceoverdenver.com

Blue Lapis Light (Austin, TX), www.bluelapislight.org