Warm Up to These Warm-Ups

August 23, 2009

Warm-ups aren’t just the things you throw on before you strip down to your leotard. They’re your first chance to showcase individual style in the studio. Take advantage of that opportunity and make a statement. Even if you only wear warm-ups for a few minutes at the beginning of class, you can dress to reflect your personality. Are you quirky? Then think about combining things in unusual ways—such as putting animal prints with subtle, solid-colored pieces. Want to present a classic, refined look? Choose neutral colors and timeless shapes to give that aura. Think about how to combine colors. Dressing head to toe in one shade is always chic. Throw in an unexpected hue to be daring. You may have heard that pairing black and brown is a fashion no-no, but anything goes if you like how it looks. As long as you’re having fun, you can wear anything! —Khara Hanlon