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  • Curtain Up

    There are terrific dancers everywhere. On Broadway, they can cross the stage in a nameless cluster, or they can ... More »

  • Singular Sensations

    Three savvy ensemble dancers share their experiences. From left: Paloma Garcia-Lee, Sarrah Strimel, and Bahiyah Hibah Photo by Jayme ... More »

  • Exploring New Ground

    Six dancers on starting new companies   After retiring from the Paul Taylor Dance Company to undergo a hip ... More »

  • Nutrition Evolution

    My road to finding balance from the inside out   I am definitely not the most nutritious eater. But ... More »

  • Indelible Expressions

    For this American Ballet Theatre soloist, tattoos are part of life.   Does anyone still consider tattoos the exclusive ... More »

  • Why I Choreograph: Ohad Naharin

    Since taking the helm of Batsheva Dance Company in 1990, Ohad Naharin has transformed the group into a global ... More »