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Dancers in matching beige dresses sit on the floor, twisting to face upstage while resting on one elbow. In the midst of the group is a dancer in a straddle leap, and another arching back to hold her back foot in a scorpion. In the background, a banner reads "College Dance Team National Championship."

Dance Team, Dance Major…or Both?

Because of the strenuous time demands required, dance majors sometimes assume it’s impossible to be part of the dance team on top of their already-heavy course load. But with the right tools and mindset, joining the team might be just the extracurricular you need to level up in the studio and on the stage.

In a sun-drenched studio, a barefoot dancer shallowly lunges with her leg extended side. Her opposite arm is extended to shoulder height as she leans forward, her other arm dangling down.

Is Independent Study Right for You?

Keeping up with college dance classes is challenging enough. But crafting your own? That’s a whole new level. While most university dance programs offer independent-study courses, dancers don’t always do one because they aren’t quite sure what it entails. Yet the opportunity can give students a chance to dive into a topic that isn’t covered […]

2021–22 Dance Magazine Performing Arts High School Guide

Alabama School of Fine Arts Birmingham, AL asfaschool.org Grade levels: 7–12 Curriculum: Ballet, composition, contemporary, hip hop, modern, Pilates Performance opportunities: Three times per year Tuition: Free for Alabama residents Alumni: Shawn Black, Wes Chapman, Elijah Crispen, Marshall Ellis, Kathleen Moore, Brandon Ragland Auditions: March 5, 2022 Daily schedule: 2–5:30 pm Arizona Conservatory for Arts […]

How to Use Your Time in College to Cultivate Your Artistry

Dancers spend most of their training years perfecting the mechanics of the art form—rolling through the feet when they come down from every relevé and tracking the knees over their toes in every plié. So when dancers progress in college dance programs and many corrections shift from technical ability to more individual and artistic guidance, […]

What Should Prospective Students Look For On College Tours?

For some students, it’s the moment of ultimate clarity: The second they set foot on campus, they’re hooked. But for others, touring a potential college can be overwhelming. What exactly should you be on the lookout for? And can you really get a feel for the whole college in one day? Dos and Don’ts on […]

AMDA’s 4 Tips for Acing Your Next Audition

Ah, audition day. The flurry of new choreography, the long lines of dancers, the wait for callbacks. It’s an environment dancers know well, but it can also come with great stress. Learning how to be best prepared for the big day is often the key to staying calm and performing to your fullest potential (and […]