How University of the Arts Teaches Dancers to “Pay Attention Differently”—and Why It Works

When first-year students begin classes at the University of the Arts’ School of Dance in Philadelphia, they’re met with guiding questions that challenge them to reframe the very purpose of dance training: “How do you pay attention to what you’re doing all the time, differently?” asks Donna Faye Burchfield, professor and dean of the School of Dance. “What […]

How Tomorrow’s Choreographers Are Cultivated at Marymount Manhattan College

Most students major in dance seeking rigorous training and career-focused knowledge to succeed in the professional world. But the team at Marymount Manhattan College doesn’t just help students land their dream dance job—they give them the tools to create it. With a degree program unmatched in its flexibility, dance students at Marymount can craft a course of […]

a group of dancers wearing Ailey/Fordham shirts smiling at the camera

The Ailey/Fordham Dance BFA Turns 25

This fall, the celebrated collaboration that grew out of that conversation, the joint Ailey/Fordham BFA Program, marks its 25th anniversary. Two and a half decades ago, the two institutions opened their doors to the first cohort of students that would receive conservatory-level dance training paired with a robust liberal arts education.

How George Mason University Became a Draw for the Biggest Names in Contemporary Dance

No matter how rigorous a curriculum, it’s difficult to create college experiences that truly simulate the day-to-day life of professional dancers. The School of Dance at Mason (George Mason University) in Fairfax, Virginia, however, is proving it’s possible. By the time dancers graduate from Mason’s BFA program, they will have participated in at least one […]

a male dancer wearing white performing a grand jete on stage

Majors and Minors That Enrich a Dance Degree

For many dancers, the right college path is a mixed one, where dance is one component in a combination of majors and minors. It’s a choice that allows them to explore diverse interests, discover unexpected intersections, and deepen their engagement and mastery on multiple fronts.

a male choreographer wearing a green shirt watching dancers in a studio

Dwight Rhoden Brings Contemporary Ballet and Professional Connections to Chapman University

“I just kind of fell in love with the program,” says Rhoden,­ who has a long history teaching and choreographing in higher ed settings, including at New York University, The Juilliard School, University of California Irvine, Skidmore College, and the University of Mississippi. At Chapman, he says, there was “a great vibe in the studio and in the program and the people.”