25+ Random Thoughts During the Tony Awards

June 10, 2012

The Tony Awards were last night! If you missed any of the show you can watch acceptance speeches online here. It was a three hour show, which was perfectly fine with me, a theatre nerd. But if you want a quick recap here are 26 semi-random thoughts I had during the awards. They will make the most sense if you watched the entire presentation.


1. Neil Patrick Harris would be a great addition to the cast of Book of Mormon. He also would probably never have a door shut in his face! Hope he gets a 4th time hosting!

2. It just occurred to me that the house lights are always up during award shows. That would be so weird to sit through. You’re watching a show with the lights on!

3. What IF life were more like theatre? We could sing and dance everywhere we go. That would be sweet, Mr. Harris. We’d love backup dancers in real life.

4. “Little Orphan Know-It-All” garnered a loud-out-loud.

5. Don’t you love seeing all the stars of the stage in the audience? Couldn’t see them if the house lights were down.

6. I don’t know what Paul Rudd is saying, because he’s too adorable for words.

7. Don’t you get the feeling that the fellow nominees at the Tony Awards really are happy for the winner? Much more so than at the Oscars.

8. I know it wouldn’t be in line with the period or the score, but I kind of with the Newsie boys would do some hard core break dancing. And how is that one guy doing all those pirouettes with glasses on? Magic of the theatre! Is it weird that I get a “Green Table” feel from some of the movement? Am I wrong?

9. Now I know how Amanda Seyfried pronounces her name. Who knew?

10. Bernadette Peters, you are luminous. Just luminous.

11. Mike Nichols is the Susan Lucci of Broadway but he’s won more than a few times.

12. The choreography for Jesus Christ Superstar is so interesting. It’s like Vogue a la Madonna meets social dance of the 70s meets the YMCA meets Fosse.

13. The Spiderman bit is genius. I want to ask Dr. Hamilton how long someone can be upside down before they pass out.

14. The “Someone to Watch Over Me” with the gun gag got a lot more laughs in the theatre. These performances are taken out of context sometime. We miss the scene before and the scene after. It’s still great to see such a variety of shows represented on one stage.

15. The Atlantic Ocean?! That’s certainly off-off Broadway!

16. The dancers in Nice Work if You Can Get it are great. They’re funny, they’re pretty, they’re skilled. Love to watch those ladies and gents. They must be wearing wigs, right? It’s theatre magic how those things stay on while dancing!

17. Forty new productions opened this year! That is so wonderful. Here’s hoping Broadway keeps it up!

18. The faux heavy breathing at the end of Peter and the Starcatcher’s kick line garnered another laugh-out-loud.

19. Neil Patrick Harris is really going to cover all these songs! This could be the night’s takeaway! And you even got the Big River in that mash up!

20. 56 years to accomplish a dream… yes, a TONY is worth the wait, sir!

21. Death of a Salesmen was first performed in 1949. In ballet, that was the year of Balanchine’s Bourrée Fantasque and The Firebird.

22. It’s nice to see Ricky Martin dancing again! Doing choreography is a little different than just shaking your bon bon, isn’t it sir!

23. The commercials are amazing during the Tonys! So excited for the Les Miz movie. Part of me wishes theatre people were cast over movie stars… but I will give it a chance.

24. Religion is huge on Broadway right now! Jesus Christ Superstar, Book of Mormon, Godspell, Leap of Faith… probably others I can’t think of right now.

25. I’m ashamed to admit when Hugh Jackman first hosted the Tony Awards I didn’t understand it… remember he hadn’t even done Broadway?! He’s one of the gang now, isn’t he! His wife surprising him was a very sweet moment!

26. Neil Patrick Harris doing a recap song … again. Thank you!

Alright guys that’s all I have time ———