Proof That You Can Dance Forever

February 21, 2016

Dancers often joke about the idea that their bodies feel years older than their true age. But after watching this video, you might think twice about that.

On Sunday night, the White House posted a clip of Virginia McLaurin, who is 106 years old, meeting President Obama and First Lady Michelle. She cannot contain her excitement over this lifelong dream, so much that she grabs their hands and does the cutest, liveliest happy dance you could ever imagine.

How did she get inside the gates? In December 2014, McLaurin posted a video to YouTube, along with a White House petition. She said she never thought she’d be able to see an African American family in the White House, and that she prays for them every day.

Most of us can only hope to be moving that well when we’re older. But until we unlock that secret, take a few tips from the pro dancers we talked to in our recent story on how to dance forever.



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