4 Ways to Spend the Summer Solstice in the Sun

June 19, 2016

Today, it’s official: summer is here! June 20 marks the summer solstice and the official start of the new season. Whether you’re packing for your summer intensive, prepping for summer performances or taking a well-earned break, we have a few ideas for how you can get outside and take advantage of the longest day of the year.

Take your crosstraining outdoors. 
There are a lot of options if you want to move your fitness regimen outside—running, swimming, yoga or Pilates can become new adventures with a change of scene, while outdoor activities like hiking or biking are great for endurance.

Contemporary dancer/choreographer Rashaun Mitchell takes his work outside. Photo by Soe Lin Post.

If you have an improvisation practice, try it out away from the studio. Responding to the new environment with an open mind might unlock new facets of your practice. And if improvising is a new venture for you, grab a few friends, a cool location and some music and see what happens when you let yourself loose: first thought, best thought.

Get some air, see some dance.
If you want to watch some stellar dancing but don’t want to be cooped up inside a theatre, you’re in luck. There are dance performances happening on outdoor stages all over the country this week, from NYC’s River to River Festival to Jacob’s Pillow. Find out what’s happening in your area and drop in—you might be delightfully surprised at what you discover.

Enjoy your time in the sun. 
Summer oftentimes gives us the opportunity to slow down before launching into the next class or performance or project, so take advantage of it. Enjoy the sunny weather and absorb some Vitamin D—take a walk, sit in the park with a book or people watch. Explore the world outside of the studio: not only can it be the perfect way to unwind, but it can also be an endless source of inspiration.


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